It is a wine born from the best grapes in Maetierra, the most mature grapes, those that remain the longest period on the vines, are bronzed, healthier and sweeter. It is our sweet wine, our dessert wine. It is the wine that best expresses the potential of the Muscat à Petits Grains variety.

How this wine tastes?
It is a velvety, silky, thick wine, but fresh at the same time.

How to drink this wine?
Very cold, between 6 and 8 degrees.

When to drink this wine?
Ideal to accompany a long after-lunch/dinner conversation.

With what to drink this wine?
We have paired Melante with sweet pastries, cakes, chocolates… and with all of them the dessert becomes a unique experience. However, it also pairs perfectly with ripe fruit (pear, peach, orange, pineapple). But the most surprising pairing is the one that our friend and chef Pedro Muzquiz suggested to us on a very special day: A very, very cold glass of Melante with a very ripe melon is spectacular.

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